Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the classes located?

All classes are delivered locally in Chase on the Adams Lake Reserve at Chief Atahm School.

2. When does the program start?

April 16th is the first class, but we are still accepting applications. 

3. Do I have to take all the courses?

If your are attending any course for personal use (not collecting credits to graduate), it is not required to attend every course offered. We recommend students to take the Secwepemctsi'n Immersion Courses (SECW Immersion l, ll, lll, lV, V)

4. Can I being the program anytime?

We welcome students to apply anytime, but depending on the course or availability we will only accept students in classes on a individual basis.

5. Do I have to know Secwepemctsin to apply?

 No. We welcome all language beginners. 

6. What if I can't attend classes in person?

At this time, we encourage in person attendance. Online classes may be available by Fall 2018.

7. What if I don't plan to complete any of the pathways to graduate? 

Your welcome to apply to sit in classes, and enjoy all the learning without earning credits. Cost per course (auditing) is only $275.00.